Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Erg-a-thon 2011

The 2011 Erg-a-thon wrapped up on Sunday around 10:00AM with great success.  The event ran smoothly and the pancake breakfast was wonderful.  The athletes were broken up into a teams of 1 Varsity Boy, 1 Varsity Girl, 1 Novice Boy and 1 Novice Girl.  Teams then rowed a 500m piece and using the Concept 2 Venue Racing software, the computer averaged each teams time so they could compete as a boat.  We ran 8 heats, 3 semi finals and concluded with one final show casing 32 athletes and 8 teams all at the same time.  We ended the day with a 500 meter race for the parents and then finally, 3 athletes and a parent challenged the coaching staff (Tim, Marketa, Garrett and Jeff) to a 500m race.  Owned.

Photo by: Ethan Fitchtner

Photo by: Ethan Fitchtner

Photo by: Ethan Fitchtner

Photo by: Ethan Fitchtner

Monday, December 5, 2011

Newport Sprints/Christmas Regatta

Just a quick recap of the Newport Sprints on Saturday and Long Beach Christmas Regatta on Sunday. On Saturday morning Orange Coast College and U.C. Irvine hosted their annual 3k sprint race in Newport Beach, CA. The race started at the ferry and went about 3,000 meters straight down to the finish line about 500 meters past Joe's Crab Shack.
Varsity 4:
USC: 10:43
OCC: 10:58
NAC: 11:56
UCLA: 11:56
USC-B: 12:36

Novice A:
UCI: 9:17
OCC: 9:24
NAC: 9:25

Jr. Varsity:
NAC-A: 9:36
OCC: 9:43
UCI: 9:57

OCC: 8:56
UCLA: 9:04
NAC: 9:15
UCI: 9:16
Chapman: 9:47
UCLA-B: 10:45

The following day we raced at the Long Beach Christmas Regatta in a number of events and took gold in all but 3 (bronze, silver, silver):

Junior 1X: Beyrooty, Nico - Gold
Junior 2X: Jackson, Mading and Beyrooty, Nico - Bronze
Junior 2- "A": Zusman, Nick and Box, Gordy - Silver
Junior 2- "B": Johnson, Colin and Roossin, Chase - Gold
Junior 4+ "A": Zomaya, Sarah; Zusman, Nick; Rimel, Andrew; Flagg, Kyle; Box, Gordy - Gold
Junior Lwt. 4+"A": Peterson, Steven; Studer, Jacob; Roossin, Chase; Johnson, Colin; Zimmermann, Trent - Gold
Junior Lwt. 4+ "B": Dafferner, Mac; Catranis, Nick; Kelley, Cheyne; Miranda, Brandon; Metzger, Brandon - Gold
Junior 8+ "A": Roossin, Chase; Zusman, Nick; Rimel, Andrew; Carpenter, Benton; Mahan, Daniel; Flagg, Kyle; Box, Gordy; Johnson, Colin; Keedy, Jono - Silver
Junior 8+ "B": Jackson, Mading; Johnson, Brooks; Studer, Jacob; Kelley, Cheyne; Ruffalo, Justin; Metzger, Brandon; Wadman, Jake; Zimmermann, Trent; Dafferner, Mac - Gold
Junior 8+ "B": Groneidyke, Justin; Falzetti, Bryan; McKenzie, Kevin; Clemence, Max; Kingsland, Will; Clary, Andres; Chapin, Cole; Grant, Sebastian; Rogers, Connor - Silver

A full list of results for this event can be found here:
Christmas Regatta Results 2011 (AM RESULTS)

Christmas Regatta Results 2011 (PM RESULTS)

Varsity 8+ being cheered on by the Novice squad.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fwd: HOC finish times photo

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On the bus from the car rental lot to the airport. One handed typing! The boys placed 29th overall and we'll looking forward to putting in the necessary time this Fall to cover the gap. Look for a better update soon.

Paaawked Tha Caw in Hawvard Yard

Tune In

Race time: 1:20PM EST

This is the link to get real-time results for the race today:

This is the link to get the live video feed online:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie


Tom And Peter Win the Champ Double

Tom and Peter Graves just rowed by and won the championship double by over 20 seconds. The brothers train out of the Newport Aquatic Center and their younger brother, John, will be coming down the course in the Championship single event.

Great Weather on the Charles

The weather has been great so far today and the slight wind should be gone for our racing tomorrow. The boys are at the hotel resting and I am lurking around at the course.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Only in Boston

I was sitting on a bench eating dinner and then I saw this.  This must be connected directly to the river!

At the course

Just got done with our first row.  30 minute break before we go out for our 2nd workout.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Our first success. No matter how minor, in comparison to the entire weekend, we all made it from LAX to our hotel with little delay. We are enjoying our first meal at the California Pizza Kitchen. I suppose this is like tapering ourselves off of the California lifestyle. 
Tomorrow's forecast: Rowing

Newport Has Landed

After a 5 hour flight from LAX we finally landed in Boston. Looking forward to a great weekend of racing.

Friday, September 30, 2011

BBQ at the NAC

Come down to the Newport Aquatic Center on Friday, October 7th for a parent meet and greet BBQ.  We will be selling these sweatshirts for $35.00 to help raise money for the 8+ participating in the Head of the Charles Regatta later this month.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011-2012 Fall/Spring Racing Schedule


47th Head of the Charles - 22nd – 23rd (Selected Varsity Crews)
Head of the American – 29th (Selected Boy's/Girl's Varsity Crews)

Newport Autumn Rowing Festival – 7th (All Varsity/Novice Crews)

Long Beach Christmas Regatta – First weekend in December (All Varsity/Novice Crews)

18th – President's Day Regatta (All Novice and Selected Varsity sculling)
20th-24th – Ski week (mandatory practice)

3rd-4th – Oakland Invitational (All Varsity and Novice crews)
17th – Cal Cup Regatta in Long Beach (All Varsity and Novice crews)
18th – Scrimmage with Oakland Strokes at Newport (Selected Novice Crews)
March 31st-April 1st – San Diego Crew Classic (Selected Varsity crews)

9th-13th – Spring Break (mandatory practice)
21st-22nd – Long Beach Invitational (All Varsity and Novice crews)

4th-6th – Southwest Regional Championships (All Varsity and Novice crews)

7th-10th – Youth National Championships, Oak Ridge, Tenn. (Selected Varsity Crews that qualify)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Head of the Charles and New Videos

We received a bid for the Youth 8+ at the Head of the Charles Regatta taking place in Boston, MA.  We will be traveling to the event on October 20th and returning on October 23rd.

Here are a few new videos from some recent practices:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're Back

Seems as though the summer just started and now it's already time to get back to work.  Here is a promotional video that Tim created to send out to all the local kids.  Have a look and spread it around:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newport Harbor High School Crowned Victors at Battle on the Bay 2011

Newport Harbor High School nearly sweeps the CdM Sea Kings in a 3-1 victory.  The pieces were 90 seconds long and brought some tight racing to the waters in Newport Beach Harbor today.  The first race of the day started out with CdM taking a quick jump off of the line and about 45 seconds into the piece they took a buoy under their port side riggers and lost their lead.  NHHS took advantage of this and scooped up the first win of the afternoon.  The next piece was very close off of the start with NHHS taking a slight victory in the closing seconds.  In a last ditched effort to turn the tides CdM threw everything they had into the next piece and narrowly edged out NHHS by about 2 feet.  The final race of the day NHHS athletes had a great piece and after about 50 seconds of close racing made a huge move to close out the day with a 3-1 victory over CdM.

The spectators from the OCC Boathouse were great and we are looking forward to a more much larger event next year!  Here are some pictures from Blair Box:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Battle ON The Bay 2011

The 2011 Battle ON The Bay is hosted by the Newport Aquatic Center and will take place on May 26th at 4:30pm. This will be the final showdown for the rowing program and will mark the end of an eventful racing year. This also marks the beginning of the new rowing season that will start in late June. All athletes that are interested in participating in the Junior rowing program (from any school in Orange County) are welcome to visit

All interested athletes are invited to come visit the facility and take a tour. Come down and see what this sport is really all about.
Visit our group on Facebook at (you must be signed in to facebook first):

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The date of the banquet is May 20th!

2011 Boy's Banquet

We will be hosting the boy's end of the year banquet at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club on May 10th.  The event will start at 6:00pm and we will be having appetizers and drinks before the event really gets under way.  I would guess that we will actually begin around 6:30pm so no need to show up before 6:00pm.  We will recap the season and give out awards to the athletes as well as enjoy a video at the end of the evening.  The dress is semi-formal.  Collard shirts and closed toed shoes.

The address is:
720 West Bay Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92661-1123

Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Rundown

The weekend seemed to pick up speed and as events passed by and I became increasingly busy!  I didn't have a lot of time to make any updates so I will get it all done here.

Results for the weekend were mixed and there were some finishes that were really difficult for the guys.  It it is really hard to see a group of people work so hard and come up just a little short in the end.  The competition was fierce and we must be able to appreciate the speed that has come out of our region this year.  I feel like the southwest will be well represented at the Youth National Championships.  I would personally like to congratulate Marin on their program wide success this year.  Also honorable mention to Oakland, Los Gatos and Pacific who will continue to show the depth of our region 5 weeks from now.  Let's not forget Long Beach who will be holding their own in the sculling events.

On a lighter note, moral was high by the end of the bus ride home and the team is ready to hit the ground running this summer.  Out of the 18 on our roster we will be losing 3 from the Varsity 8+ and our coxswain,  3 from the lightweight 8 and one other coxswain.  The huge bonus is the large amount of novices that will be filtering in next year.  There are 40 on the roster to fill in the gaps and this will allow for a deeper range during inter-squad competition.

We will begin summer camp in the middle of June and anyone that is interested in participating should contact me at

We are looking for talented athletes ages 13-18 for our novice program and any serious rowers of any age for our advanced rowing program.

It's been an amazing first season and I am looking forward to working with all of the returning athletes this summer.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

JV Update

AM Varsity 8 Heat

Placed third in the heat and advanced to the final.

JV 8 races at 9:48.

Both the Varsity 8 and JV 8 will return to our hotel at 10:15.

I will not be able to get results for the JV 8 until I return to the course at 1:00pm.

Friday, May 6, 2011

At The Course

Long day at the course!  Traveling went well and all the boys had a great practice today. Looking forward to some great races this weekend. Here is a shot from our tent.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 It's been a while since I've posted an update so this is my attempt at catching up.

Team Pictures:
Team photos were taken two weeks ago and are now available on our smugmug webpage at:

Boy's Team Banquet:
We will be hosting our annual team banquet at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club on the Newport Peninsula.  This event will take place on May 20th at 7:00pm.

Long Beach Recap:
Two weeks after Crew Classic we attended the Long Beach Invitational to get one final race in before Southwest Regionals.   In attendance were some of the top programs in our Region as well as a few programs from out of our region.  The days began with heats and finished with finals on Saturday we and captured our first win in the Varsity 8+ over Long Beach, Oakland, Los Gatos and Marina (respectively).  We were able to repeat the performance on Sunday in the Varsity 4+.  The JV 4+ also placed and narrowly lost a close race in their final to grab a few silver medals.

On to current news:
We will be leaving for Sacramento on May 5th (tomorrow) at 3:30pm.  Today will be our last practice on the water in Newport.  This will be the final practice on our home water for some of our athletes!  We feel like we have put ourselves in the best possible place to achieve our goals this weekend and the only thing left to do is race.

Expect a lot of updates from the race course on Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Varsity 8+ Saturday Heats

Heat 1:
  Long Beach Jr    
Marina AC      
Jesuit Prep
       River City

Heat 2:
    Oak Strokes
     OKC Rowing
   Serra HS  
Tempe Town

Heat 3:
Newport AC  
Los Gatos
   Baja St Rowing
   Casitas RA

Lane assignments for tomorrow are as followed:
1. NAC    2. Everett     3. Marin     4. Los Gatos     5. Oakland     6. Long Beach

Friday, April 1, 2011

San Diego Crew Classic - Mountain Mike's For Dinner

Update from San Diego!  The quick trip down the 5 went well as did the practice on the water. Looking forward to some great action in the heats tomorrow afternoon.

Tune in live online at:

Mens Junior Varsity: 12:10pm
Mens Junior JV: 2:30pm

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cal Cup #1

Two weeks have passed since we saw some serious speed out of Long Beach in our season opener at Oakland and today was  no different.  The racing was close all day long and made for one of the most memorable events at the junior level in years.  The morning started out with a victory in the Varsity 4+ over Long Beach and Marina's top lightweights.  The rest of the morning we traded pieces in various events losing the pair, double and winning the lightweight 4+ and the J.V. 8+.

Like most of the other programs, we had to hot-seat many of our rowers who managed to just barely grab a bottle of water before heading back out for another go.  After racing the lightweight 4+, and 4 members from the J.V. 8+ had to post up against an extremely quick Marina lightweight 8+ who took a commanding lead early on and maintained the gap throughout.  An early lead from Newport's lightweight 8+ over Long Beach slowly diminished and by the end of the race we were on the losing side of the stick by a narrow margin.

The afternoon finished with an unfortunate turn of events as they started the lightweight double before the Newport boat got to the starting line.  To clarify, we were not late, they started the event early.  This is the second time in 1 month this has happened at a Long Beach race and we are still looking for some answers.  The lightweight double ended up racing with the Girl's Novice B 8+ event and took a 3 Length victory over the field. 

The final race of the day was the Boy's Varsity 8+ where Newport took a 7 seat lead over Long Beach and Marina in the first half of the race but it was not over there.  At the half way point Marina fell off pace quickly but Long Beach mounted an attack with 400 meters to go taking back seats quickly.  Both boats bumped the rates and really laid it all out with Newport coming out on top with a 1.1 second victory.

We are gearing up for another encounter in 2 weeks at the San Diego Crew Classic where we will also see some extremely fast 8's out of the Northern section of the Southwest Region as well as the Northwest Region.  I will post results for today's event as soon as they're up on

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The End

Update From The Course

Update From The Course



Afternoon Varsity 8

Marin over Newport over Long Beach.

More results

3rd V8

Oakland over Newport over Long Beach.

JV 8

Oakland over Long Beach over Newport

Results update

Varsity 8 wave 2

Oakland over Long Beach over Newport.

Varsity 8 Wave 1

Marin over Los Gatos over Marina.

Friday, March 4, 2011

International Man of Mystery

Chase captures a shot of the Colin who found that he had grown a tiny mustache while napping on the bus.

Update From The Road

On the road headed up to Oakland. Stay tuned for updates.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Beach Novice Regatta (and Varsity Sculling)

The season opened with a quick trip up PCH to Long Beach at the LB Novice and Varsity Sculling Regatta.

With no prior sculling experience in the bank we set out to "do the best we can".  The driving force behind the weekend was not to worry so much about results, but to focus on getting a chance to line up and race.  We left the Varsity 8+ at home to practice with Whitney and I set out with the lucky volunteers to see what we could manage.  Overall I suppose the most rewarding part of the day was that nobody flipped a boat or damaged any equipment.  Bravo.

Results on :

We will be traveling up to Oakland a week from today (March 4th-5th) to race Long Beach, Marina, Marin, Los Gatos and Oakland.  From there on out we will be able to see where we stand against the entire field.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Checking In

The entire Novice team as well as a few Varsity rowers will be heading up to Long Beach for the President's Day Regatta on February 19th.  This race is specifically geared towards Novice racing and some Varsity sculling events.  With having such a small and inexperienced team this year we are focusing our energy on trying to move the sweep boats and I would suspect similar results to our efforts in December at Long Beach. While an opportunity to line up next to somebody and race is a valuable experience, we are entirely focused on our March 5th race in Oakland, CA.  There we will be matched up against the fastest programs in the Southwest Region (Long Beach, Marina, Los Gatos, Marin, Oakland) and finally get to showcase all of the work we have been putting in over Winter thus far.  Below you will find our race schedule for the entire year and both itineraries for February 19th in Long Beach/March 5th in Oakland.

2011 Spring Racing Schedule

Long Beach President's Day Regatta Itinerary - February 19th

Oakland North vs South Dual - March 5th

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NAC vs MAC Scrimmage 1-23-11

Today the Marina Aquatic Center drove an hour down the 405 Freeway to trade pieces with us on our home water.  The temperature was a balmy 75 degrees, the water was nearly perfect and the races were tough.  Both programs traded pieces down the 2k course with some wins and losses for all the boats involved.  Craig – Marina's Head Coach – and I agreed that this is a great start to what looks to be a very competitive year throughout the Southwest region.  Attached is a video from the last 2 minutes of the day where we mixed Newport and Marina rowers into the same boats (swapped bow pair and 5/6 seats).  Our next encounter will be in Long Beach in Marine Stadium on February 19th for the Long Beach Novice (and Varsity small boats) Regatta.

Monday, January 10, 2011

NAC Varsity Practice 1-6-11 and Update

We're back in the swing of things at practice and preparing for our first of many encounters with Marina Aquatic Center.  They will be traveling down to Newport on Sunday, January 23rd and we are looking forward to seeing some very competitive racing early on in our race schedule.  The distance and amount of the pieces has yet to be decided but I will update as soon as we figure it out.  Also a time and place to view the scrimmage from will be listed.  Posted is a short video from practice on the January 6th: