Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Rundown

The weekend seemed to pick up speed and as events passed by and I became increasingly busy!  I didn't have a lot of time to make any updates so I will get it all done here.

Results for the weekend were mixed and there were some finishes that were really difficult for the guys.  It it is really hard to see a group of people work so hard and come up just a little short in the end.  The competition was fierce and we must be able to appreciate the speed that has come out of our region this year.  I feel like the southwest will be well represented at the Youth National Championships.  I would personally like to congratulate Marin on their program wide success this year.  Also honorable mention to Oakland, Los Gatos and Pacific who will continue to show the depth of our region 5 weeks from now.  Let's not forget Long Beach who will be holding their own in the sculling events.

On a lighter note, moral was high by the end of the bus ride home and the team is ready to hit the ground running this summer.  Out of the 18 on our roster we will be losing 3 from the Varsity 8+ and our coxswain,  3 from the lightweight 8 and one other coxswain.  The huge bonus is the large amount of novices that will be filtering in next year.  There are 40 on the roster to fill in the gaps and this will allow for a deeper range during inter-squad competition.

We will begin summer camp in the middle of June and anyone that is interested in participating should contact me at

We are looking for talented athletes ages 13-18 for our novice program and any serious rowers of any age for our advanced rowing program.

It's been an amazing first season and I am looking forward to working with all of the returning athletes this summer.

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