Friday, October 19, 2012


We have arrived in Boston (6:00am local) and are waiting for our rental car. Straight to the course for a quick row.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Melton Hill Lake - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

We made it in to Knoxville last night at 11:00pm local time and got a good night of rest. Took the day slow to start and arrived at the race course about an hour ago. The boys are feeling great and are out for a quick paddle on the lake.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Varsity pair qualifies for the final.

3rd Varsity 8+ takes bronze in the grand final.

1x places 5th in the grand final.

Varsity 8 places 5th in the grand final. JV 8 places 6th.

3rd Varsity 8+

3rd Varsity 8+ qualifies for the final.

1x Qualifies

Jeff Collett
Newport Aquatic Center
Boy's Head Coach

Jeff Collett
Newport Aquatic Center
Boy's Head Coach

Jeff Collett
Newport Aquatic Center
Boy's Head Coach

JV 8

JV 8 advances to the final later today.

V8 Heats

Varsity 8 places second in their heat and qualifies for the final later today. Up next is the JV 8 and the 1x.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long Beach Invitational

A full listing of results and times for the entire event can be found here:

Noteworthy finishes:
Men's V8+: 3rd
Men's JV 8+: 2nd
Men's 3rd V8+: 2nd
Men's V4+: 2nd
Men's JV 4+: 2nd
Men's lightweight 4+: 1st

The lightweight 4+ (1st place finish) doubled as the JV 4+ (2nd Place finish) on Saturday afternoon.

Monday, April 2, 2012

San Diego Crew Classic

We have seen a slight improvement in results from our previous match-up with crews we saw just a month ago.  All NAC crews in attendance qualified for their grand final event.  We are looking forward to the challenge of improving upon this weekends results and we will be training for our next race in Long Beach at the Long Beach Invitational.



Varsity 8+ Heat:
Race # 28: Mens Junior B William Robinson Memorial Cup
1. St. Ignatius, 6:23.00; 2. Newport AC, 6:23.46; 
3. Los Gatos, 6:26.38; 4. Dallas Jesuit Prep, 6:38.40; 
5. Claremont, 7:00.67; 6. Cathedral, 7:19.00.

Lightweight 8+ Heat:
Race # 34: Mens Junior LW B 
1. Long Beach Jr, 6:31.84; 2. Newport AC, 6:33.69; 
3. Belen Jes Prep, 6:34.73; 4. Everett, 6:35.80; 
5. Marina AC, 7:06.32; 6. SDRC, 7:09.58.

JV 8+ Heat:
Race # 42: Mens Junior JV A Jean Jessop Hervey Cup
1. Marin, 6:20.15; 2. Baja St Rowing, 6:25.77; 
3. Newport AC, 6:27.92; 4. OKC Rowing, 6:45.19; 
5. SDRC B, 8:43.48.

Lightweight 8+ Grand Final:
Race # 57: Mens Junior LW Final Referees Cup
1. Marin, 6:23.38; 2. Long Beach Jr, 6:29.25; 
3. Oak Strokes, 6:30.55; 4. Belen Jes Prep, 6:33.76; 
5. Newport AC, 6:34.14; 6. Los Gatos, 6:38.67.


Varsity 8+ Grand Final:
Race # 93: Mens Junior GFinal William Robinson Trophy
1. Marin, 6:24.68; 2. Everett, 6:37.16; 
3. St. Ignatius, 6:40.31; 4. Newport AC, 6:40.97; 
5. Marina AC, 6:46.24; 6. Long Beach Jr, 6:55.92.

JV 8+ Grand Final:
Race # 96: Mens Junior JV GFinal Jean Jessop Hervey Trophy
1. Marin, 6:29.72; 2. Baja St Rowing, 6:36.48; 
3. Los Gatos, 6:38.80; 4. Newport AC, 6:44.02; 
5. St. Ignatius, 6:45.70; 6. Oak Strokes, 6:49.99.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Light 8

Light 8 finishes 2nd in their heat. Moves on to B final.


V8 places 6th, JV places 6th and 3V places 4th.

JV and V8

Varsity 8 places second to Long Beach and the JV 8 placed 3rd. Both boats advance to the B final.

3V Heat

3V crossed the line in 2nd place a length behind Los Gatos and advance to the final.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pit Stop

First pit spot for the trailer. The buses stopped about an hour ago. We should be in Oakland in about 2.5 hours.

On The Road

Coach Tim driving the trailer up the Grapevine. The buses are about an hour behind.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Faut Line Face Off (Oakland, CA)

This weekend we will be traveling up to Oakland, CA for the second year in a row to compete in the Fault Line Face Off. The event is hosted by the Oakland Strokes and we are excited to participate in such a well run regatta. At this race we will be able to compete against some of the fastest crews in the region and potentially the country (Marin, Long Beach, Los Gatos, Oakland, Marina) on all levels. The bus ships out at 5:15AM tomorrow morning and we should arrive in Oakland around 2:00PM. There will be a few races for the Novices on Saturday starting at 4:00PM until 6:00PM. The bulk of the racing will be done on Sunday with heats in the earlier part of the morning followed by an "A" and a "B" final so all athletes will participate in at least 2 races. Stay tuned for live updates from the course with videos and pictures.

Entire Race Schedule

Video from this week (be sure to change the settings to HD!):

Varsity 8+ Light 8+

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Novice Results from Sunday 2-21-12

On Sunday the Oakland Strokes novices came to Newport to race a full 2k after some close races in Long Beach the previous day.  Here is a link to the results:

Results for Boys

Results for Girls

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Final Results

MV2- "A": 1st
MV2- "B": 2nd
MVL2X: 2nd
MV1X: 1st
MV2X: 2nd

Full results for the race can be found here:
Final Results

Light 2x and Open 1x

The light 2x placed second behind Long Beach and the 1x just barely edged out a good Casitas entry by .6 seconds for the win.

2- racing over

The "A" pair wins by a little bit of open water and the "B" pair places 2nd by a little bit of open water to Long Beach.

LB Presidents Day Regatta

The pairs are launching now and will race at 8:00am and 8:10am. I will update with results from the 500m to go marker.

Friday, January 27, 2012

January Update

It has been over a month since my last update but I assure you we are working over-time down here.  A lot of progress has been made since our last race in early December and we are looking forward to an eventful racing schedule.  Fitness levels are increasing and our roster that boasts 20 novices from last year and 10 returning athletes is slowly getting up to speed.

Our first race of the year will be some mixed sculling boats at the Long Beach President's Day Regatta held in Long Beach on February 19th.

Our first large meeting with teams from our region will take place on March 3rd and 4th in Oakland where we will be able to race some of the best programs in the Nation (Marin, Long Beach, Los Gatos, Oakland).

Look for more updates to follow.