Monday, December 5, 2011

Newport Sprints/Christmas Regatta

Just a quick recap of the Newport Sprints on Saturday and Long Beach Christmas Regatta on Sunday. On Saturday morning Orange Coast College and U.C. Irvine hosted their annual 3k sprint race in Newport Beach, CA. The race started at the ferry and went about 3,000 meters straight down to the finish line about 500 meters past Joe's Crab Shack.
Varsity 4:
USC: 10:43
OCC: 10:58
NAC: 11:56
UCLA: 11:56
USC-B: 12:36

Novice A:
UCI: 9:17
OCC: 9:24
NAC: 9:25

Jr. Varsity:
NAC-A: 9:36
OCC: 9:43
UCI: 9:57

OCC: 8:56
UCLA: 9:04
NAC: 9:15
UCI: 9:16
Chapman: 9:47
UCLA-B: 10:45

The following day we raced at the Long Beach Christmas Regatta in a number of events and took gold in all but 3 (bronze, silver, silver):

Junior 1X: Beyrooty, Nico - Gold
Junior 2X: Jackson, Mading and Beyrooty, Nico - Bronze
Junior 2- "A": Zusman, Nick and Box, Gordy - Silver
Junior 2- "B": Johnson, Colin and Roossin, Chase - Gold
Junior 4+ "A": Zomaya, Sarah; Zusman, Nick; Rimel, Andrew; Flagg, Kyle; Box, Gordy - Gold
Junior Lwt. 4+"A": Peterson, Steven; Studer, Jacob; Roossin, Chase; Johnson, Colin; Zimmermann, Trent - Gold
Junior Lwt. 4+ "B": Dafferner, Mac; Catranis, Nick; Kelley, Cheyne; Miranda, Brandon; Metzger, Brandon - Gold
Junior 8+ "A": Roossin, Chase; Zusman, Nick; Rimel, Andrew; Carpenter, Benton; Mahan, Daniel; Flagg, Kyle; Box, Gordy; Johnson, Colin; Keedy, Jono - Silver
Junior 8+ "B": Jackson, Mading; Johnson, Brooks; Studer, Jacob; Kelley, Cheyne; Ruffalo, Justin; Metzger, Brandon; Wadman, Jake; Zimmermann, Trent; Dafferner, Mac - Gold
Junior 8+ "B": Groneidyke, Justin; Falzetti, Bryan; McKenzie, Kevin; Clemence, Max; Kingsland, Will; Clary, Andres; Chapin, Cole; Grant, Sebastian; Rogers, Connor - Silver

A full list of results for this event can be found here:
Christmas Regatta Results 2011 (AM RESULTS)

Christmas Regatta Results 2011 (PM RESULTS)

Varsity 8+ being cheered on by the Novice squad.

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