Monday, August 30, 2010

NAC Varsity Summer 8-30-10

Today I had the Varsity guys come down for one final summer practice. This means that ambiguous starting times are out the door and we will begin (taking things serious) on September 7th at 3:30pm for the first day of tryouts. Tryouts will consist of a 5,000m erg test on Tuesday and will be followed up by a 1.5 mile run on Thursday. While these are not typical standardized tests (2,000m or 6,000m are more generally accepted) they will give us a good baseline for the first day compared to years past. It's time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

NAC Varsity Summer 08-20-10

New video up.

NAC Varsity Summer 08 16 10

Summer Camps

The summer rowing season is slowly coming to a close and while this means the end of summer vacation, it also means the beginning of a new phase for our rowing program. Some will say it is a transition or rebuilding year and others note the inherent potential that the new athletes have to be successful. What I have seen thus far over the summer is what we are lacking in experience, we are slowly making up for in tenacity. Potential, matching uniforms and inspirational quotes can only take a group so far. What remains to be seen is how we all handle the day-to-day to prepare for the end result. I am really looking forward to the first day of practice to see what kind of standard we set for ourselves and for the remainder of the year.

To the other half of the team that have been taking summer school courses, traveling or just having a much needed break from the tediousness of rowing, we await your arrival. See you soon and happy training.


p.s. Attached is a video from the novice camp.


I took video at practice two weeks ago and thought it would be good to throw it up on the blog.  We were doing drills by 6's for a good portion of the day with a little hard rowing at the end.

August 5th

Welcome to my 2010-2011 NAC Junior Rowing Blog.  I will primarily be covering topics related to the Boy's Varsity team and occasionally the Boy's Novice team.  Keep checking in for video, pictures and updates as the season progresses. 

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