Friday, February 25, 2011

Long Beach Novice Regatta (and Varsity Sculling)

The season opened with a quick trip up PCH to Long Beach at the LB Novice and Varsity Sculling Regatta.

With no prior sculling experience in the bank we set out to "do the best we can".  The driving force behind the weekend was not to worry so much about results, but to focus on getting a chance to line up and race.  We left the Varsity 8+ at home to practice with Whitney and I set out with the lucky volunteers to see what we could manage.  Overall I suppose the most rewarding part of the day was that nobody flipped a boat or damaged any equipment.  Bravo.

Results on :

We will be traveling up to Oakland a week from today (March 4th-5th) to race Long Beach, Marina, Marin, Los Gatos and Oakland.  From there on out we will be able to see where we stand against the entire field.

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