Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cal Cup #1

Two weeks have passed since we saw some serious speed out of Long Beach in our season opener at Oakland and today was  no different.  The racing was close all day long and made for one of the most memorable events at the junior level in years.  The morning started out with a victory in the Varsity 4+ over Long Beach and Marina's top lightweights.  The rest of the morning we traded pieces in various events losing the pair, double and winning the lightweight 4+ and the J.V. 8+.

Like most of the other programs, we had to hot-seat many of our rowers who managed to just barely grab a bottle of water before heading back out for another go.  After racing the lightweight 4+, and 4 members from the J.V. 8+ had to post up against an extremely quick Marina lightweight 8+ who took a commanding lead early on and maintained the gap throughout.  An early lead from Newport's lightweight 8+ over Long Beach slowly diminished and by the end of the race we were on the losing side of the stick by a narrow margin.

The afternoon finished with an unfortunate turn of events as they started the lightweight double before the Newport boat got to the starting line.  To clarify, we were not late, they started the event early.  This is the second time in 1 month this has happened at a Long Beach race and we are still looking for some answers.  The lightweight double ended up racing with the Girl's Novice B 8+ event and took a 3 Length victory over the field. 

The final race of the day was the Boy's Varsity 8+ where Newport took a 7 seat lead over Long Beach and Marina in the first half of the race but it was not over there.  At the half way point Marina fell off pace quickly but Long Beach mounted an attack with 400 meters to go taking back seats quickly.  Both boats bumped the rates and really laid it all out with Newport coming out on top with a 1.1 second victory.

We are gearing up for another encounter in 2 weeks at the San Diego Crew Classic where we will also see some extremely fast 8's out of the Northern section of the Southwest Region as well as the Northwest Region.  I will post results for today's event as soon as they're up on

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